Santa Clara County creates new Food Retail Advisory Council to regulate Franchise Restaurants

The County Office of Labor Standards Enforcement is creating a Food Retail Advisory Council (Advisory Council) comprised of food retail workers, businesses, advocates, business organizations, and customers. The goals and purpose of the Advisory Council are to:

  1. Advise and support the expansion of the Food Permit Enforcement Program to all 15 cities in Santa Clara County
  2. Research and identify labor standards best practices
  3. Use research to advise and create uniformity in labor standards across State legislation and County policy
  4. Prioritize issues like retaliation, wage theft, sexual harassment, and violence in the workplace

Unfortunately, this new Council has real potential to take punitive action against small franchise restaurant owners, rather than truly addressing the root cause of the problem.

We need your help to identify volunteers to serve on this Advisory Council and represent franchise restaurants before any policy decisions are made that can harm local restaurants.

Please email Eddie Truong at [email protected] if you would like more information.