Welcome to SiliconValleyRestaurantAssociation.com

As Silicon Valley’s newest advocacy group, we’re proud to launch SiliconValleyRestaurantAssociation.com as a portal where local restaurant owners can Join Us in advocating for impactful legislation, and Subscribe for updates on milestones and current events.

Now that our website is live, we plan to make it the definitive resource for News and Information on relevant restaurant government affairs, and Silicon Valley Restaurant Association’s political advocacy.

SiliconValleyRestaurantAssociation.com is the leading voice for restaurant advocacy in the greater San Jose, South Bay Area, offering support as north as Hayward in the East Bay, and Redwood City on the Peninsula, and as south as Gilroy in South Santa Clara County. For every restaurant from fine dining to fast-food chains, the Silicon Valley Restaurant Association is here to fight for, and stand up for, your rights.

Welcome to the new SiliconValleyRestaurantAssociation.com!

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