SVRA in the News: San Jose Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Echeverri, owner of Habana Cuba.

SVRA in the News: San Jose Spotlight

Headline: Silicon Valley Restaurant Association launches in San Jose.

Notable points and quotes from SJ Spotlight:

“After being battered by COVID-19 and business closures, Silicon Valley eateries have an advocacy group—a local restaurant association.”

“The restaurant association will serve as an advocacy group and chamber of commerce for the restaurant industry across Silicon Valley, similar to the California Restaurant Association, which represents the sector on a state level.”

“They took the brunt of the ire from the customers,” Kali-rai told San José Spotlight. “(The restaurants) just felt like they needed a voice that could speak to the county and speak to cities and help them navigate everything.”

“Both Truong and Kali-rai want the association to serve as a way for restaurant owners to collectively agree on industry policies, much like the San Jose Downtown Association and San Jose Chamber of Commerce”

“San Jose business owners didn’t have a hyperlocal restaurant organization to lean on and mostly had to rely on word of mouth to make sense of the county’s public health orders. Having an association, Truong and Kali-rai said, will make advocacy work much easier.”

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