SVRA Silicon Valley Restaurant Association

REPOST: Oct 3, 2021 CNBC

Headline: Restaurant owners nationwide push to make street-side dining permanent.

Notable points and quotes:
“In July, San Francisco’s board of supervisors voted in favor of making dining parklets permanent.”

“Some eateries have fielded complaints about noisy outdoor customers and the loss of parking spaces.”

Restaurant owners and advocates are saying:
“It’s a game-changer, for sure. We probably seat anywhere from 30 to 100 people out there every day.”

“That’s really helped my bottom line. Without those additional 11-tables, a whole 50-seats, it’s definitely earned its keep.”

“As many people say, one parking spot is for one car, and usually they’re temporary, versus how many seats can be put in one parking spot and how many jobs does it create.”

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